In the two days Workshop on India's First Cloud Computing Championship(14th & 15th March-2015) three students from the Department of CSE and one student from ECE had secured the 1st, 2nd ,3rd & 4th position respectively. They got an opportunity to participate in the Grand Finale of India's First Cloud Computing Championship- 2015 which was held at IIT-Bhubaneswar where they had to compete with around 250 Groups from different Colleges all around India.

Events Organized:

1. Computer Science Department organized Advanced Java Training a 120 hours Training on Advanced Java Training at our college campus from 29th August to 21st October, 2014 which was conducted by IPMSCET in Association with MCA PL.
2. Computer Science Department organized a one day Seminar on Android at the Institute.
3. Computer Science Department organized a Three-days Workshop on Fedora (O.S) and Python at the Institute. 

Faculty Achievements:

1. Debasis Mandal, Amit Kumar Sen, Tanmoy Bose and Dipak Kumar Dutta attended workshop on High Impact Teaching Skill organized by Mission 10X Wipro.
  2. Debasis Mandal attended training on Hardware Engineering & Linux, Matlab, Photoshop CS-4,DB-2.
3. Tanmoy Bose attended training on Oracle 9i PL / SQL from Oracle.
4. Mainak Adhikary and Tanmoy Bose attended training on Prospect of Cloud Computing in NERIST.
5. Mainak Adhikary attended training on Advance Computational Technology in JIS Engg. College.
6. Amit Kumar Sen attended A Silver Jubilee workshop on Introduction to Geometric Algorithm organized by Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
7. Amit Kumar Sen attended a Training on Quick Development of Algorithms in Digital Signal Processing & Image Processing organized by C-DAC, Kolkata.
8. Amit Kumar Sen attended Program on Soft Computing approach in Cryptography by Information Technology Department, Kalyani Govt. Engineering College.
9. Debasis Mandal, Amit Kumar Sen, Tanmoy Bose, Mainak Adhikary, Dipak Kumar Dutta and Shivaji Nath attended a trining on Advance Java.
10. Amit Kumar Sen and Tanmoy Bose attended one day workshop on MATLAB and Simulink Toolboxes organized by St. Xavier's College.
11. Amit Kumar Sen attended 5 days orientation classes on 3D Animation and Visual effects conducted by Frameboxx.