Civil Engineering:

Established in the year 2010, the Department of Civil Engineering has made great strides during the short period of its existence. The classroom sessions are expected to be interactive encouraging the students to think independently to promote creativity, yet maintain classroom discipline.Further, the department conducts industrial visits, conferences, expert talks and advance training programmes on various thrust areas. The department has a Centre for Remote Sensing & GIS that provides specialized training towards its application in natural resource management to students of Civil Engineering. The department also provides training in STAAD. Pro to its students. The department has a Society of Civil Engineers (SOCE) with all students of the programme as members. The society provides the students a platform to interact with their counterparts from other colleges, leading academicians, industrialists, and professional bodies. The faculty pays personal and individual attention in motivating and moulding young students into qualified professionals and responsible engineers through its well established mentoring system.

Goals of the Departments :

1:- To provide students with a supportive environment that facilitates learning the advances in Civil Engineering.

2:- To impart the state-of-the-art knowledge in the relevant field of Civil Engineering.

3:- To provide excellence in learning through dedicated teaching, innovation and industrial projects.

4:- To imbibe self learning attitude and professional ethics.

5:- To prepare students to face the challenges in the area of Civil Engineering.