Electrical Engineering:

The Department of Electrical Engineering is continuing from the date of its inception with a mission of imparting teaching and promoting implementation of practical aspects to build a solid foundation as a part of the Engineering Education.The Electrical Engineering Department has the motto to brighten the face of this institution to the centre of excellence in this core field. The faculty pays personal and individual attention in motivating and moulding young students into qualified professionals and responsible engineers through its well established mentoring system. The Department has state-of-the art laboratories in almost all the areas of Electrical Engineering. The department has the latest simulation tools like MATLAB, SIMULINK, PSCAD, EMTDC, ETAP, PSPICE etc., to cater to various specializations and is equipped with facilities for measurement, characterization and synthesis of experimental, theoretical results as well as for research.

Goals of the Departments :

1:- To provide students with a supportive environment that facilitates learning the advances in Electrical Engineering.

To impart the state-of-the-art knowledge in the relevant field of Electrical Engineering.

To provide excellence in learning through dedicated teaching, innovation and industrial projects.

To imbibe self learning attitude and professional ethics.

To prepare students to face the challenges in the area of Electrical Engineering.