Exclusive in-house Career Building Facilities

Exclusive GATE Coaching :

Even after class hours (beyond 5 pm). We are providing special training to senior students (3rd& 4thYr) who are applying for higher education (M.Tech). Even after these special classes we provide special transportation to the students’ up to central place of Malda Town to avoid any inconvenience to the students or parents. For this no extra cost is to be borne by the students.

Exclusive Soft Skill Development :

The present scenario to get placement is not tough but most of the employers put forward SOFT SKILLS as an essential requirement which means students should have capabilities to speak English well and to write correct English. These qualities are lacking in most of the students but if any student is keen to develop these soft skills, it can be assured that this can be developed by our system of grooming the students without any extra expenses.We are incorporating soft skill development classes in routine from 1st sem to 7th sem. It can be challenged that any serious students can elevate himself/herself at a level that industry needs.

Exclusive Classroom Training:

Experts are invited from industries to impart in-house practical training in our laboratory in addition to practical classes. They also share their practical experience in class room