There are various modern engineering laboratories in the department as given below.

Solid Mechanics Lab :


In this laboratory students are acquainted with UT machine for testing of steel, about the elastic limit, plastic limit, yield stress etc. Concrete testing machine helps to let them know about the properties and crushing strength and also to determine the grade of concrete.

Fluid Mechanics Lab :


Different experiments help the students to know about Hydraulic coefficient of orifice meter, efficiency of reciprocating and centrifugal pump, lifting of water from lower level to higher level without power, by Hydraulic ram and so on.

Soil Mechanics Lab :


In the lab students get the knowledge about the behaviour of soil moisture, purity, void etc and other different properties of soil and its suitability for particular foundation.

Highway Engineering Lab :


All aspects of varieties of stone to varieties of soil along with their properties towards crushing, abrasion, flakiness and about the bitumen are tested.

Survey Lab :


The methods of different horizontal and vertical measurements, inclination, traverse, details plotting are taught in the field.

Environmental Engineering Lab :


Testing of water and waste water, about their physical, chemical and biological aspects are done. This also indicates about the acceptability of those by human beings and natural water bodies.

Geology Lab :


Geological testing of rocks, about their age, occurrence, strengths, and faults are done in this lab.

Concrete Laboratory :


Tests on cement – specific gravity, fineness, soundness, normal consistency, setting time, compressive strength on cement mortar cubes.
Tests on fine aggregate – specific gravity, bulking, sieve analysis, fineness modules, moisture content, bulk density and deleterious materials.
Tests on coarse aggregate - specific gravity, sieve analysis, fineness modulus, bulk density.
Tests on Fresh Concrete - Workability: Slump, Vee-Bee, Compaction factor tests.
Hardened Concrete - Compressive strength on Cubes, Split tensile strength, Static modulus of elasticity, Flexure tests , Non destructive testing (Rebound hammer & Ultrasonic pulse velocity).
Mix Design of Concrete.

CAD Laboratory :


Introduction and important features ofa software dealing with analysis and design of structures Analysis and design of a multistoried building using software, Preparation of detailed drawings of different structural elements including ductility detailing RCC Slab, beam, column and footing design.