Measure we Take

Measure we Take Measure we Take The Institute practice a zero tolerance to any kind of ragging in Campus and its hostels which is ensured through closed monitoring by anti-ragging committee and squad as well as through undertakings from students and parents as per guidelines of AICTE. For newly admitted students a complete separate enclosure as class rooms in the institute academic block and separation from seniors in their dwelling places (Hostels) has created a 'NO RAGGING atmosphere'. No incident of ragging of student since inception of this Institute has been recorded. Constitution of Anti-Ragging Committee >> The Government of West Bengal has enacted Anti Ragging Law, "West Bengal Prohibition of Ragging in Educational Institutions Act 2000" to prevent ragging at the Educational Institution. Further, the Government has directed all Heads of educational institution of the State to form Anti Ragging Committee to implement strictly and punish the students indulging in ragging activities stringently as per the provision of the law. >> The Supreme Court in its order, dated the 16th May 2007, has ordered a crackdown on ragging on campuses across the country. The court made it compulsory for Colleges and other educational institutions to register FIRs and said exemplary punishment should be awarded to offenders, so that it acts as deterrent. >> In pursuance of the above orders and directives, an Anti-Ragging Committee has been reconstituted as per AICTE norms for the academic year 2015–2016 with the following members: